Nestled in the charming village of Tinwell, in Rutland, Cell Regeneration is a family-run healthcare company, established in 2011.

Cell Regeneration was the first medical centre dedicated to MBST in Britain, and we have since developed into the MBST-UK community as more and more physiotherapy clinics, health professionals and sporting organisations continue to join us in delivering the MBST technology.


From Small Beginnings…

Ann Clare, a respected and reputable physiotherapist for over 30 years, first encountered MBST technology at an Osteoarthritis conference, in 2007. Having treated numerous patients suffering from the painful joint disease, Ann was quick to recognise the desperate need for cell regeneration therapy amongst her patients. She embraced the technology immediately, and, upon viewing the quantitive results, ignited the same passion for MBST and client care in her children, Liz and Charles. 

…Come Great Things

As the technology has developed over the years, so has  the family business and Cell Regeneration is proud to be the flagship clinic for the MBST-UK community. Liz Clare is Managing Director of the company and co-runs the business with Charles Clare, who is Operations and Technical Director.

Everyone within the MBST-UK community gets great satisfaction from the results the technology continues to produce for our ever-growing number of patients: from athletes of all ages, returning swiftly and safely to their chosen sports, to long-term arthritis-sufferers regaining freedom and independence, through pain-relief and improved quality of movement.


We Are Family

MBST-UK currently consists of 8 medical clinics with a shared ambition: to provide the very best treatment, with the focus on patient comfort, care and satisfaction.


Every successful patient recovery requires more than just the technology. It takes the care of dedicated health professionals to help our patients achieve the best results. All the health professionals that make up the MBST-UK community are proudly committed to providing expert services that promote the health and well-being of our patients. 


We all take great pride in the technology and the results that continue to speak for themselves.


Join Cell Regeneration and MBST-UK as we step forward into the future of healthcare.

MBST: Your first step on the road to recovery.

MBST UK's health professionals

Ann Clare

Physiotherapist at Ann Clare Physiotherapy & Cell Regeneration. 

Ann was the first health professional in the UK to use MBST on her patients, since 2007.

Ian & Harry Andrews

Father and Son at Oakwood Physiotherapy and S20 Physique. Both are professional footballers turned Physio’s.

Suzanne Bowen

Sue is a rehabilitation and biomechanics specialist, based at Optimum Performance - Camberley, Surrey. Having previously worked at Fulham Football club today she has a busy clinic and provides consultancy to football and Rugby clubs.

Dave Mott and Tom Jenkins

Physio Fitness, Bournemouth
Dave Mott was the Physio of Englands U18s, treating players like Micheal Owen, Stephen Gerrard and Peter Crouch. Tom Jenkins is currently the Welsh National Mens Hockey Physio. 

James Scrimshaw

Cura Clinical, Bristol and MBST device sales partner.
James is dedicated to his patients and dedicated to spreading the knowledge of MBST. 

Adey Saunderson

At the Core, Bath 
Adey is a highly regarded physiotherapist having worked in both championship and premiership rugby and the English Football League.

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