What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a common skeletal condition that affects bone metabolism and drastically reduces bone density and mass. It can go unnoticed for a long time, but as it progresses, the bones become brittle and susceptible to easy breaks, which can severely affect mobility and quality of life.


How it develops:

The body constantly transforms and rebuilds bone mass. It naturally removes old and damaged bone tissue before replenishing it with newly formed tissue. Osteoporosis throws this process out of balance: bone tissue cells are broken down faster than they can be replaced by newly formed ones, which results in a steady decrease in bone density.


The occurrence of osteoporosis can be influenced by factors such as smoking, alcohol, poor diet, lack of exercise and certain medications.


How MBST can help with Osteoporosis?

MBST stimulates specific cells at a molecular level, encouraging the bone tissue cells to regenerate more quickly, so as to better replace the lost ones. This helps to rebuild the bone density whilst reducing the brittleness, offering both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, allowing for a more active life.


MBST therapy requires: 

  • No surgery

  • No medication 

  • No injections 

  • No intravenous infusions 

  • No painkillers


MBST is completely stress-free
During therapy, there is little to do but lay back and let MBST work for you. Most patients bring a book, listen to music, or just take a nap during the hour of comfortable therapy.

From the initial diagnosis through to aftercare, every patient is fully supported throughout the entire process by healthcare professionals and trained technicians.

How MBST works:

Bone tissue also needs a lot of energy. The bone undergoes a continuous transformation to maintain its structure and function (bone remodelling). To keep the bone mass constant, osteoclasts resorb bone tissue and osteoblasts rebuild it. If this is not regulated properly, increased bone degeneration (high turnover) or decreased bone metabolism (low turnover) can result in a loss of bone matter.

The causal therapy approach of MBST aims to reduce bone breakdown and stimulate bone build-up. The osteo therapy sequences were developed to enable a targeted energy transfer into the bone tissue. The aim is an increased metabolism and a renewed activation of repair mechanisms in respect of the regeneration processes. MBST therapy thus directly tackles one of the causes of osteoporosis.

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Effective on patients of all ages.

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