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Did MBST help my burn to heal at a faster rate?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

At the very end of the day on 30th May / very early hours 31st May, I stumbled into a lit fire pit. This was not one of my proudest moments and of course at the time it caused me a lot of pain, however the damage was not as bad as it could have been.

I am thankful that it was not any other part of my body other than my left arm and hand. I am left handed, therefore restricted for a week or so. The main desire for wanting it to heal quickly was obviously to prevent infection, but mainly so I could do what I love, ride horses, do yoga and cook!

I attended the hospital where the care was fantastic. This is what it looked like whilst I waited tfor my first appointment on Monday 1st June (the burn is 1 day old).

The Doctor instructed the Nurses to cut my blisters to prevent infection. I was informed that I would need the wound redressing twice a week at the outpatients department.

On Tuesday 2nd June. I started the first of 9 treatments of MBST wound healing to my arm. The burn is 2 days old. On Thursday 4th June, when I attended the hospital for a redress it looked like this

A swob was taken to make sure that the wound was not infected.(4 day burn)

Over the weekend I had a break from MBST and I kept the dressings covered. Monday 8th June. One week after the first hospital visit -

As it was drying up nicely. I went home with a loose dressing and I could start to wash the wound- which was such a relief as it was very itchy. On this day I also had an MBST session. I felt a lot of tremendous aching after the MBST sessions. Wednesday 10th June was my last visit to the hospital.

I was discharged as my focus needed to be plenty of moisteriser.

The MBST sessions continued and this is the stage where I am most impressed. Remember the last palm photo.... I give you 5 days later........and 2 weeks and one day since I had the accident. The differences in the last 2 photographs are incredible if you ask me! What do you think?

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