Every MBST Story is Important

Everyone loves a good story…

It’s not just about escapism, although that can be very appealing (seriously, whoever is scripting 2020 needs a cup of tea, a long nap and perhaps a spot of psychotherapy). The passing of stories is central to human existence, a facet of every culture in our history.

Stories show us a vital reflection of ourselves and they bind us to others. The beautiful complexities of the human condition laid bare so we can better understand ourselves, each other and the crazy, glorified asteroid we all share. Stories help us to love, help us to trust, help us to grow. They influence, teach, inspire and explore. In short, when we tell a story, we spark a connection and that benefits us all.

Every story touches someone, so every story has importance. We struggle and triumph together, as one. We are united by the shared experience and are all the richer for it.

In tech we trust…

The advancement of technology has ushered in incredible changes in how we tell and consume stories. Social media allows us to express ourselves and represent our lives vividly (mostly for the better). It has allowed us to share our experiences, to forge connections with others that would be otherwise impossible.

Every success story can inspire others, which is why MBST UK has launched our very own patient testimonial archive. Anyone who has been through the MBST process is encouraged to fill out a testimonial form and share their story, in the hope that it might help and inspire others who are going through something similar.

Just knowing that someone has suffered through the same pain, the same problem that you have can make the road to recovery seem so much more achievable.

MBST has amassed quite a number of glowing testimonials over the years from delighted patients that are keen to tell their stories so others can benefit from the same marvellous technology that helped them get back to a pain-free life. So it makes sense that we keep them all together in one big archive, our very own MBST Hall of Fame if you will. That way, everyone has instant access to a whole host of stories, lives affected by pain that was eased by the MBST process.

For those of you with a MBST story to share. Please use this link to fill out the form;


By Guest Blogger, Jim from Words by Jim


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