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Finding calm in the chaos

It’s another day in lockdown and I am sat in a dog bed and using a wicker basket as a desk, just so I can look out over the fields and ponds. The reason for this: we are currently without a desk/dining room table to work from after the last one was flattened by one of our Weimaraner’s, Otto. A new one is on order (if you are at all interested) but obviously this Coronavirus is impacting everything and this will be delayed. However, the dog basket is comfy and I have my favourite view in the world. My other half just complimented me on my posture whilst sat here, so I am content and not messing up my back. I must add, Otto does not usually jump on tables. Just, one particular day his ball was on top of it and he was obviously desperate to reach it!


As expected, patient numbers have dropped as we do not wish for our health professionals to put themselves or others at risk during this time. We can, however, carry on with MBST under the government guidelines. 

On our 9th year of working with MBST, STILL further benefits are being brought to my attention.


Not only is it a stress free therapy, it is also non-invasive, prevents surgery in many situations, it treats the core of the issue, not just masking the pain etc etc. MBST can actually be life changing for an individual and at the very least it works for most (80-90% success rate). To top it all off, it can be used during a pandemic!

I just couldn’t be more in love with this technology if I tried.


This is my first blog on our not-so-new website, so let me introduce myself. Co-founder and Managing Director of Cell Regeneration ltd, where we provide MBST technology to the UK via health professionals and professional sports clubs. I have been working with MBST for nearly 9 years from our Physiotherapy clinic in Tinwell, Rutland just outside of Stamford. The clinic has been going since 2011, with a Physiotherapist and 4 MBST devices running happily side by side.

MBST gets me out and about to premiership football clubs, equine vets and visits to our other health professionals using MBST around the country.

No matter who you are: athlete, elderly or injured person, my favourite part of what I do is being around you. It’s so fulfilling to see your MBST journey and what you get out of it. So as I sit here, looking at my beautiful view, I really do miss you all!

In the meantime (ie- in lockdown), please keep in touch on social media. We are currently sharing exercises and stretches from various people in the community. Any advice and help you need, just ask through any of our available channels.

One thing we absolutely must say: THANK YOU, NHS, WE LOVE YOU! We will endeavour, as always, to take pressure off the NHS wherever we possibly can! 

Lastly, to our patients: we are here to support you and meet all your musculoskeletal needs in any way that we can.

Please contact us using the following:

Facebook @MBSTUK

Instagram @MBSTUK

Website www.mbst-therapy.co.uk

Physiotherapy direct call at this time 01778 560677

Me Liz@mbst-therapy.co.uk

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