Lockdown Learnings - The Good, The Bad & The Takeaways

We are nearly one year on from the first National Lockdown - how has it been nearly a year already?

When the 23rd March 2020 hit, I remember it very well as a portion of my business is a family business. At one of our MBST clinics, my Mum is the Physiotherapist.

Having to make my Mum understand why she could not see her patients was extremely difficult and heartbreaking. She had been doing the same routine for over 30 years and some of her patients had been her patients for 30 years and she could not get her head around it and was distressing for her.

I recorded myself on the day as I was extremely upset and scared about what that could mean to my business, concerns over my loved ones health and what the hell was going to happen.

First week of lockdown a routine was put into place which consisted of 'hip hop' abs workout routines, dog walks, yoga and instantly missing every day life. If I am honest I quite enjoyed the slower pace that was given to life and after only 2 weeks the clinic’s were allowed to open up and keep on treating patients with the MBST devices as they involve no human contact.

Our health professionals were doing online care and we were working around it! Albeit we were running at less capacity, we could continue to keep cash flowing and the government handouts did help us. Just being able to continue gave a little mind relief from the new normality.

In the early days of Covid lockdown part 1, I was looking for things to keep my mind active and positive, social media was great for this and I went on to connect some business women to have a little support group.

The clinic’s were allowed to open up as they involve no human contact.
The clinic’s were allowed to open up as MBST devices involve no human contact.

What is so wonderful is that from that support group I gained a PR team - Garnet PR, and social media team - EM.VA Creative. My business turnover actually increased by 100% in 2020, if Covid was not involved perhaps it could have been 200%. But at least I was lucky to have growth and at least I had the opportunity for life to slow down to manage changes.

Today, I miss my friends, I miss my life - but it feels good to have a life worth missing. I look forward to the seeing my health professionals and visiting all of our new sites around the country when we can. I hope and believe it will make us cherish human connection further. In business, I see ahead the opportunity that will be, when restrictions are lowered.

Covid has made us all have to be reactive, and we have had two main hurdles:

1/ Banks restricted lending which meant our health professionals struggled to purchase devices from us.

2/ We import our devices from Germany. So travel restrictions for devices and techicians created delays and expense.

After a year of trying, we have managed to divert around those hurdles by having new plans and solutions in place.

Remember, everything can be resolved and there is always another way around. I really do believe business is going to seem a lot easier once restrictions are lifted.

Stay safe,

Elisabeth Clare


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