Viewpoint on MBST from a military man.

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

MBST is for anyone, any age and any walk of life.

I’ve always been an active person. I’ve enjoyed a long career as a soldier, and at 65 I still enjoy an active lifestyle. Like many people, not just military men, I’ve had a few injuries along the way and suffered from the inevitable wear and tear on various parts of my body, but I just learned to live with it.  However, in 2002, x-rays confirmed compressed L4 and L5 discs and in 2007, significant wear on both knee joints, led to an Arthroscopy to alleviate my pain. I continued to “manage” my ongoing pain situation with exercises and aids, albeit knowing that conditions attributed to wear and tear would never get better by themselves. 

This all changed when one day I was playing golf with a gentleman who mentioned MBST. It occurred to me, the best course of events was to consider MBST right away based on “building on what remains” rather than waiting until there was little left to build on further down the line – a sort of preventative maintenance. I contacted Cell Regeneration and arranged for a consultation, along with a round of treatments. From the moment the treatment finished I began to feel better and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my condition has since improved significantly. 

The sessions are completely relaxing, there’s no need for undressing, no special garments required, and the treatment couch is comfortable enough for you to either take a nap or read a book. When you consider the non-invasive benefits of MBST over surgery, there really is no competition. 

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