The MBSTUK Clare family Interview

The Clare Family gives you a backstage pass to the past, present and future of the MBST community!

Siblings founders - Elisabeth and Charles Clare interview their mother, Ann Clare (The first Health professional in the UK to bring MBST to the UK).

🔵Learn how it all began

🔵Take a peek into the future of MBST

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Charlie: Hello, we are some of the Clare family from MBSTUK just outside Rutland. I am Charlie, son, Liz, daughter and Ann our mother. Liz and I have the license for MBST and are the founder of the MBSTUK Community. Ann has been working with MBST since 2007 and was the first health professional in the UK.

Liz: When did you first meet MBST?

Ann: In the May/June time of 2007.

Liz: Where did you meet it?

Ann: In London at a conference.

Liz: When you first met MBST what did you think of the technology?

Ann: I wasn't looking for technology, but I found it and it was the most amazing technology.

Liz: What do you like most about MBST for your patients?

Ann: It means that patients that are suffering long term can have something to make them feel better. I like MBST because its changed my life, its made my practice more powerful to help patients.

Liz: What do you think of MBSTs growth over the past year in the UK?

Ann: Remarkable.

Liz: I mean Charlie and I have managed to open 12 clinics in total. How does it make you feel that you were the first to notice the device? and now we are here 14 years later and its grown momentum.

Ann: Talking personally as a mother it was my dream that it would hit the UK and the time it did I really wanted it to get out there. I couldn't do it on my own, Liz and Charlie took it on board. Its remarkable, i'm in awe of them.

Charlie: What has been your favourite development with MBST?

Ann: Well with MBST I had an ambassador in Peterborough and it was so successful that every single patient was using it. Right from the start it was the foundation and of course since then things have grown and I did get a large machine because I had to get more opportunities for patients to have MBST. Everyone I saw, everyone I helped with MBST therapy got better right from the start. So the confidence in me was massive and to continue to take it forward.

Liz: What do you think of these latest devices?

Ann: They have come at a correct time. When clinics have opened they got the best devices and they look even more out of space!

Liz: I suppose as brother and sister we got a gift from our mum and MBST, which created a career and a job for us. Charlie and I will go day to day with MBST, whether he's doing the technician part or talking to new clinics or existing ones, and mum is still in the clinic here in Rutland. Me and Charlie will still work with mum to a degree but we aren't working day to day together as there are so many aspects to it.

Ann: MBST is going to be my legacy, my life because I think it is such an astounding treatment. It needs to get out more, more in the United Kingdom because the UK deserves it. The NHS needs help so MBST is going to be there to help the NHS in the future.

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