Try this tomorrow, 11 ways to Rise and Shine for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Here I discuss 11 ways to Rise so you can Shine and help you get set for the day

It’s always a lot easier to get motivated in the mornings when the weather is good. No doubt about it. But I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve learned to do in the mornings to set me up for the day, whatever the weather.

When it comes to productivity, morning is the most important part of the day! If you wake up in the right way then the rest of your day will tend to be a lot better. You won’t have time to do all the things listed below, so give them a try and find the ones that work for you.

1) No News is Good News

Looking at your phone should never be the first thing that you do in the morning. It’s a distraction, it’s unnecessary noise and you are looking to outside sources to start your day - don’t do it!!! Your own uninterrupted time is important. Allow yourself time to gather your thoughts.

News and social media in the morning rarely does you any favours. Mornings are for you. Don’t get distracted with anyone else’s crap.

2) Gratitude Walk.

This is what I call my first walk of the day. Not only is it for the dogs to stretch their legs (and relieve themselves) but it’s for me to take time to reflect on the day before, think about the day ahead and note to myself certain things that I am thankful for.

Doing this makes me realise how much there is to be thankful for, even when the chips are down. It really does set you up for the day. When I first started doing this I would write it down and start with 10 things… Build it up, bit by bit and before you know it you’ll be riding the gratitude wave and you’ll notice that the good things keep on coming. Embrace it! You’ll be glad you did.

3) First Drink. First drink of the day, especially mint tea, is the best thing for getting grounded. Personally, I need to get grounded in my day, or I’m all over the shop. Many people need energy first thing, so they reach for their coffee. We’re all different, so do what works for you. But please don’t have a high energy drink or a fizzy drink.

4) Move.

Recently I have started to put a shamanic drum beat on and dance around with the dogs (as inspired by Yoga teacher Cat Meffan). You should try it. Go wild!!! Even if it’s not shamanic drums, a bit of George Micheal, Ollie Murs (or your own preference) will put you in a good mood for the day and gets the body moving.

5) Journal.

I keep a spreadsheet of the tasks that I need to get done on a weekly basis. As a business owner, things can get overwhelming if your thoughts and action points aren’t in order. Most mornings I like to write a list of what I would like to do, what I got to do and then release any thoughts and feelings. ‘The 12 Week Year’ is a fab book, I highly recommend it to increase productivity! Sometimes I get the really important or pending emails done at this phase, too, and always with my mint tea or glass of water.

I will meditate if I needed some clarity on some things, or if I feel out of sorts. I don’t even know if I am doing it right but I sit still for a few moments, concentrate on my breath and then I tend to write out all the thoughts that come to my head.

Note on getting through your list in the day. Start with the thing you really don’t want to do!

6) Earn Your Shower.

In an ideal world I would always exercise before brekkie, but I’ll do at least half an hour of exercise on as many mornings as I can. If not then I know there will be some other type of exercise in the day, be it riding, pilates, yoga, gym or Hip Hops Abs, with Shaun T (have a google and a giggle if you like).

7) Enjoy Your Shower.

Allow yourself enough time in the shower and be sure to enjoy it. Put some lovely smelling moisturiser on. I have the Brazilian Bum Bum cream and my god, the smell alone puts me in a great mood! It smells of summer holidays.

8) Protein is Important.

Have a high protein brekkie! Protein is proven to give you the best energy. Eggs and avocado on toast is pretty awesome.

9) Make Your Bed.

This practice helps you to start your day in an organised way.

10) Know when you are eating next

Did you plan what you were having for lunch the day before? Somedays, I plan. Somedays I love the freedom of being able to grab something from a cafe or a shop. Either way, I have to know where my next meal is coming from, or I can’t concentrate on anything else properly. Remove the little hurdles and the big ones won’t seem so bad.

11) Love is the Key.

Always try and have a snuggle with your loved one/s. If there are no loved ones around. Give your self a cuddle. It feels good to be held. We all need to feel supported.

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