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MBST UK continues to grow each year, and that wouldn’t be possible without our patients and the health professionals who administer it.


Together we have helped thousands of people on their path to recovery, from patients of all ages to amateur and professional athletes. As dedicated health professionals, we are proud to share some of these inspiring stories, after all, it’s why we love what we do.


Don't just take our word for it...

Please watch athlete Johnny Nelson, his Physio and one of our Directors talk about the incredible impact MBST can have on your life.


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have benefitted from MBST

“It [has been] almost 6 months since I completed my MBST sessions for lower back problems… and I haven't once felt that my back was about to give out and floor me again like it used to do.”

- Dave Austen, UK

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“We use MBST because we prefer preserving joints rather than replacing them.”

- Dr Raymond Young

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work with MBST


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